Hiking Tour and Lunch with Local Family

Hiking Tour and Lunch with Local Family

The half day tour can be done in the morning or afternoon. The guide will pick you up at our Choquequirao Guest House. This half day tour will take you through the community of Pantipata and along our way you will learn about local Quechua life style. Your guide will show you how farmers grow organic fruits and vegetables,

many of which are endemic, and also raise livestock. Along the hike, we will stop at a local family’s house to drink the ancient royal Inca drink “Chicha,” a corn-fermented beverage, and also play the popular Peruvian frog game. Next, we will continue exploring and learning about the local community until we reach our visit with a second local family to enjoy a Quechua meal. A perfect Quechua meal includes roasted guinea pig, and if you are up to the opportunity give it a try here (or opt-out). Following the meal, we will hike back to our Choquequirao Guest House.


Total time: 5 hours

Maximum altitude: 3000masl/ 9,843ft

Minimum altitude: 2870masl/ 9,416ft

Distance travel: 8km / 5mi