Chicha - Guinea Pig Tasting

Chicha - Guinea Pig Tasting Half day

Chicha and Guinea Pig Tasting Tour: How Different Families Make Quechua Specialties...What is Chicha? Chicha is a fermented corn drink that has been very important throughout Andean history, before, during and after the Inca Empire. Actually, many Quechua families still make the chicha drink, and on our tour

we learn  how they prepare chicha and what kind of corn is used. Chicha is best drunk with friends and family while playing the Peruvian game of frog!

Guinea Pigs and Quechua Culture: Guinea pigs are pets in many parts of the world but have been a delicacy in Andean communities for over 5,000 years. After Europeans settled South America in the 1500’s, the guinea pig was taken back to Europe and made in to a pet. Andean people have been eating guinea pig for over 5,000 years. Families eat guinea pig for special celebrations and always on birthdays. Guinea pig is prepared in many ways, just like other meat. Some Quechua families raise guinea pigs as a business, some families keep a few in the house ahead of celebrations, and some families buy guinea pigs at open markets or stores.  On our tour you will have the opportunity to learn about how locals farm and cook guinea pigs.
Total time: 4 hours